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Welcome to Stepford

May I offer you some homemade cookies?

Fans of the Remake Movie The Stepford Wives
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Notice, this is the FIRST stepford wives community! Keep that in mind. We're cool.

We are fans of the stepford wives. Notice our lack of brains. *do-ci-do. do-ci-do* You won't get that if you haven't seen the movie. So no pretenders! Watch it now! Anyway, would you like some cookies, fresh out of the oven? I baked them from scratch! *smiles*

Um... yeah... Anyway, sorry about that.


What you can't do:
1) Postabout UNRELATED topics. Most people know what this is. ^_^
2) No advertising, please!
3) No trolling. That means don't say things that would hurt someone's feelings. Example: "Your cookies are terrible!!!! *puke*" Okay... that was a joke...
4) Whatever pops into our heads that we feel isn't good. Like if we just don't like you. (That was a joke too! Don't kill us!)

What you can do!
1) Post icons.
2) Ask productive questions.
3) Behave in a polite manner.
4) Pretend you're a robot.
5) Post an introduction!

Also, it would be very nice if you fill out this questoinaire when you join. We want to get to know our neighbors in Stepford! (And if you don't you'll be turned into a robot!)

1) Name:
2) Who's your favorite character?
3) What is your favorite type of cookies?
4) Cupcakes?
5) Which character is the most like you (not necessariy your fave)?
6) What was your favorite scene in the movie?
7) Would you rather be a stepford wife, or a "pre-stepford" wife?

Also: use an lj cut when necessary, please!

Moderators= e_vampirate and ringwraith10